Pointing Dynadot Domain To Blogger (Blogspot)

(update) Latest solution from Dynadot [click here]

My Account > Domains > Set Name Servers > DNS

Choose Forward and type in your domain name with http://www. on the front, for example: http://www.domain.com

In subdomain, key in www and then choose CNAME and point it to ghs.google.com


In your Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Publishing > type in your domain name with www. (www.domain.com)

If your domain is not redirecting to its www. address (when you visit a non www address), tick the redirection box.

I know many people who bought their domain name from Dynadot had a really hard time setting it to work with Blogger.

You will only see your blog when you type in www. in front of your domain (eg. www.infotech.ws) but when you type it without www., you'll get a blank page instead.

The solution to that problem:

Choose your domain name and go to Name Server Settings. Then look under Advance Dynadot DNS.

In Domain Record, set Record Type to A and the IP Address to

Then in Subdomain Records, type in www at subdomain,
set Record Type to CNAME and type in ghs.google.com at ip address. Lastly, click on Use Dynadot DNS button to confirm your changes. Here's an example:

Now at Blogger, set your custom domain under the Publishing tab and tick the redirect box below your domain name. Click on the following image:

Wait a few hours (some times up to 48 hours) for the DNS to update and you should be able to access your blog when you type in your domain name with or without www.


Dynadot is the most recommended Domain registrar here at www.infotech.ws and because of that many of our followers use them, but we got a lot of messages from them asking for a solution to point the domains to blogger.
Many of those explanations that we found in the web are not complete, and because of that we did our tutorial to help.
So lets start.
1) Choose your domain name and click on the ”Name Server Settings for YOURDOMAIN.TLD” .
2) Then look under the “DNS” tab.
3) In “Domain Record (required)“, set “Record Type” to “A” and the “IP Address or Target Host” to
4) In “Subdomain Records (optional)“, type in www at “subdomain
5) Set “Record Type” to “CNAME” and type in ghs.google.com at “Address or Target Host“.
6) At the end, click on “Use Dynadot DNS” button to confirm your changes.
You should have something like that :
Now go to Blogger and click on Settings -> Publishing -> Custom Domain -> Switch to advanced settings
Then enter your domain and the word verification
and click “Save Settings
Wait for a while the DNS changes and after that you can access your blog with your own domain name.

How to Index Your Website in Search Engines (blogger)

How to Index Your Website in Search Engines Within Few Hours
         Its a challenge to every webmaster and blogger to put their websites and blogs in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. Normally Websites and Blogs get indexed with the passage of time BUT today, Webmasters and Bloggers want to see their blogs listed or indexed in Search engines within few days even they want to to see their blogs in search engines within few hours or minutes. This is not an easy job to get index in Search Engines within few hours. You need a proper strategy to put your blog or website in Search Engines within few hours.
        My Blog Posts are indexed within minutes or even in seconds in Google Search because of my Proper SEO optimization strategy and content writing ability.
          If you are having a website then your first activity must be to add proper meta tags, meta keywords, meta description, robots.txt, sitemap in your web pages.
If you are a Blogger, then i will recommend you to use few blog directories to submit their blogs. Not All Blog networks are useful to submit your blogs but You should only try Technorati, Mybloglog and Blogcatalog . Technorati is most powerful Blog directory, mybloglog is a blogging network by Yahoo where you can submit your blog contents easily. Blogcatalog is a Good to have backlinks and to get free traffic to your blog for ever.

Sitemap Submission:
Sitemaps are created to help search engines to crawl your blog or website easily. A Sitemap is actually a map of your website which tells the directions of pages of your website to Search engines to index your webpages or blog posts. You Should Submit your blog’s or website’s sitemap to Google, Bing, Yahoo! specially.

Make Comments on Blogs:
Making Comments on Dofollow blogs also work. So, i will suggest you to make comments with your blog link on posts or Dofollow blogs because it will increase your Website or Blog’s Page Rank and you will also get a decent traffic from those blogs where you made comment. Its also helpful for SEO because search engine bots will follow the comment link and then land on your blog.

Social Bookmarking:
Social Bookmarking is another effective method for Search Engine Optimization and fast indexing of your blog posts and website contents. You can also use Automatic Social Bookmarking which will add your blog updates and website contents in Famous Social Bookmarking websites.

Ping Services:
Ping Services are used to inform search engines about your blog or website’s existence. Ping Services notify search engine about your blogs and websites. Pingomatic is free service which notify to multiple search engines about your blog. If you are using WordPress platform for blogging then you can ignore pinging way because WordPress has default Pinging feature which tells Search engines about your Blogs.
I just wrote most useful and working tips to get indexed in Search Engines in few hours. There are many strategies to do but explaining all those tips will make the entire post boring and lengthy.

Auto Submit Your Blogs to Social Bookmarking Sites(websites)

Auto Submit Your Blogs to Social Bookmarking Sites       
      There are many social bookmarking websites where we submit our blog posts and website updates and in back we get a decent amount of traffic, healthy backlinks and we get a higher Google Pagerank by submitting our blogs n updates to social bookmarking websites. Social bookmarking is a time consuming activity because there are hundreds n thousands of social bookmarking websites. Here are methods to submit your blog posts on social bookmarking websites automatically.

We write articles and blog posts carefully for a better search engine optimization but Google SERP (Search Engine Ranking Point) depends upon various other factors to Rank you at higher numbers. Google Serp analyze various factors such as Backlinks to your website, quality of Backlinks, outbound links, Quality of your Blog posts and Articles etc. Large number of BACKLINKS to your Websites or Blogs increase the trust factor of Search engines and Rank you at Higher Positions for several keywords. Social Bookmarking also increase your website’s reputation in Search Engines and increase you blog/websites position in search engines.
Its time consuming activity to submit your blog posts on social bookmarking networks as there are hundreds of social bookmarking websites and increase day by day. So, here is a way of automatic social bookmarking which helps you to submit your blog posts and website updates on social bookmarking networks automatically and rapidly. How to submit blog posts automatically on social bookmarking networks ? Its easy.
All you have to do is to create a login account on following social bookmarking websites to submit your blog posts on all of them automatically.
After creating your account on all of social bookmarking websites shown in above picture. Then proceed to next step to submit your website updates on all bookmarking websites automatically. Here is a list of most useful websites for auto social bookmarking of your blog updates and website updates.

Social Submit
This website allows you to add your blog posts or website updates on 45 social bookmarking websites automatically. All you have to do is to provide them your login details on those 45 social bookmarking websites.

Social Poster
Social Poster helps you to submit your website updates and blog posts automatically on more than 160 bookmarking websites. This is useful activity to have better Search Engine Rankings , Higher Google Pageranks and free Traffic from social bookmarking websites.

Social MarkerSocial Marker will submit your blog posts and website updates within 15 minutes on TOP 50 social bookmarking website automatically. This automatic submission of your blog in social bookmarking website will definitely increase your SEO Rankings and Google Pagerank.

Its a Good tool for Bloggers and WordPressers to submit their blog posts on social bookmarking websites on auto.
Dont use All 4 services to submit your blog posts automatically on social bookmarking websites because it will be considered SPAM by Search Engines. Only choose 1 service from above mentioned websites for auto bookmarking for Free.

How to Add Retweet Button to your Blogger Posts

Since Twitter is getting huge popularity these days, adding a cool Retweet Button to your Blogger blog posts can easily get you some decent amount of traffic and promote your content/products to large people in quick time. If you have tons of followers, then you can easily milk it.. ;)

So, here is how to add a nice Retweet button to your blogspot blog posts:

There are two versions of retweet buttons.. one is the default one (looks like digg button) and the other one is Compact version which can fit in small space..

twitter retweet button for blogger

The Code for the Default version is :

<script type="text/javascript">

tweetmeme_url = '<data:post.url/>';


<script type="text/javascript" src="http://tweetmeme.com/i/scripts/button.js"> </script>

and for Compact version is :

<script type="text/javascript">

tweetmeme_style = "compact";


<script type="text/javascript" src="http://tweetmeme.com/i/scripts/button.js"></script>

Here is how to add them to your blogger post..

If you want it to the left side of blog post..

twitter retweet button aligning left



And Paste this code BEFORE that line..

<div style="float:left;padding: 6px 10px 6px 0px;">

<script type="text/javascript">

tweetmeme_url = '<data:post.url/>';


<script type="text/javascript" src="http://tweetmeme.com/i/scripts/button.js"> </script>


If you want it to the Right Side of post..

adding retweet button on the right side of blog post



Add this code BEFORE that line..

<div style="float:right;padding: 6px 0px 6px 6px;">

<script type="text/javascript">

tweetmeme_url = '<data:post.url/>';


<script type="text/javascript" src="http://tweetmeme.com/i/scripts/button.js"> </script>


Note: In the above two cases, if you want Compact button instead of default style, Just simple replace the default style code with compact one (refer step 1)


How to add Favicon to blogger (blogspot) blog

Adding a favicon to the blogger(blogspot) blog:
For those who don't know what Favicon is 'Favicon is a small icon(image) displayed at the beginning of the address bar of the browser.It is also called Favourite Icon,Pageicon and urlicon.

The main advantage of creating and using favicon is ,it makes it easy to find your blog or site when someone favourited or bookmarked your site/blog among several other sites.

favicon Most of the people use 16*16 pixel favicon(you can also use 32*32 pixel favicon) with ".ico" format.But,you can also use gif,png(image formats) aswell.

So,ready to create a favicon?

I created a Free Favicon generator tool which will save lot of your time. Just go to this page and upload any image file (JPG or GIF or PNG or BTM) and it will automatically convert it to icon file and you can save it to your desktop.
Next, you need to upload it to some host. There are lot of free hosts available to host .ico files and with hotlinking enabled.. Just do a quick google search.
Once you upload it to some host. you get a direct url to the favicon file..


Next, Skip the below part and go to Next step..


All you need is a program to create a favicon in (.ico) format.If you haven't a program to create in .ico format,No Problem....you can also use png or gif format.If you have Photoshop, or any other programs like that,open it and create a 16*16 image and save it as .png or gif format [look at the below screenshot below] or there are so many online sites which can create a favicon for you,just search by typing'free online 16*16 icon generator' in google.They ask you to upload a picture from your desktop,and they convert it into 16*16 .ico file.

save the image in png format So,Now your icon is ready...You are just a few steps away from creating a beautiful favicon for your site...

Now,go to Google Page Creator
and upload your icon file by clicking on the upload link(look at right side) and browse the file and note down the url of the file by clicking on the file.[see the screenshots below]

note down the url


Now,go to your blogger dashboard>layout>Edit html[look at the below screenshots]

and look for this code(it is at the top the template)


and add the below code just after the above one[as shown in the below screenshot]

<link href='ICON FILE URL' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='ICON FILE URL' rel='icon'/>

and replace the 'ICON FILE URL' with the url of your icon file.(like http://howshealth.com/favicons/bt.ico)
That's it! Now you can see a beautiful favicon in your blog.
Fee free to add the comments.....and doubts(if any?)