Comment on Blog is a Great Source of Traffic

Once you have created your own blog, the next step would be to increase traffic to your blog. We can easily get more traffic to our blogs by avoiding common SEO mistakes, bookmarking our sites to dofollow bookmarking sites and we can also get free huge traffic from Youtube too. Another best and easiest way is to increase your traffic by commenting on others people's blogs. Commenting on other blogs really helps you to get more traffic and intentions toward your blog. Commenting on other blogs not only gives traffic to your blog but you can also increase your blog comments by commenting on other blogs.

Reasons why every blogger should comment on the blogs

1. Once you start commenting on other people’s blogs it will get immediate traffic to your blog. Commenting on the blogs of your areas of interest will help you get the quality and quantity of traffic.

2. Once you visit other peoples blogs, you will read their posts. This will make you comment on the blog. When you go through different posts on different blogs, you might get some ideas for you to write a unique post on your blog too.

3. Regular posting of comments will help get many people to know you and develop an interest in your work.

4. If you keep on commenting, you will also get a good number of comments on your blog too. Make sure your comments are related to the topic.

How commenting can greatly benefit your own blog

A few of the reasons as to how your comments on other people’s blogs can help you gain a lot of traffic are:

1. Online Exposure: When you comment on any blog you are leaving behind your mark on that particular blog. In other words, more and more people will get to know you and you will make a strong presence of yours be felt online.

2. Exchanging and interacting comments: Every blogger in the beginning needs help from existing bloggers. Since they are already established and have a lot of traffic on their blogs, it will pay to enge in conversations and comments with them.

3. Growth in credibility: Meaningful and appropriate content and comments leave an everlasting impression on the reader. You are indirectly letting other people take note of you and your work.

4. Add links to your website: Sometimes blogs also provide you a field to put in your website address at which creates a link back to your website along with your comment. Other people can discover your website this way.

After looking at the above list of benefits, you should enter the blog world and explore it. Take the time out to write genuine and honest comments and blogs or else you will ruin your credibility.