Add Your Picture to Blogger Comments Profile Photo

Today I come to know another little but pretty useful Blogger Feature. Although many of Bloggers know this but it is new for me. Previously, Whenever some one wrote a comment on some Blogger Blog, you could only see a Blogger ICON with your comment you made on blogspot blog. BUT now you can add your picture or some brand logo with your blogger comments.

The Feature is made public i.e. any one can put his/her picture with blogger comment he/she writes. Its easy to Upload your own picture to show with blogger comment. Write Your Comment, click on Preview (as shown in picture below)

After Clicking on Preview, Click on Add Profile picture now just browse and Upload Your picture. Now, that picture will be embedded whenever you post a comment on some blogspot blog. This Picture also will be added to your Blogger Account Picture. You can enable or disable your Blogger Comment Profile Picture from Dashboard>Settings>Comments