Best CPM Ad Network For India Traffic

Top and Best Paying CPM Advertising List. CPM means cost per mille i.e the publisher is paid for /1000 impression, the eCPM rate differ as per the CPM advertising network and publishers traffic. There are two different types of CPM networks which I know, TYPE 1. Network that pays fluctuating CPM rate TYPE 2. Network that pays fixed CPM rate or you may decide your CPM rate.

CPM best way to make money from high traffic websites and blogs and are more beneficial if you have high trafiic from India. Below I have stated some best and high paying CPM advertising Networks.

Google Adsense- No doubt google adsense is best ad network and cover your world wide traffic. they paid good amount for your traffic. Adnetwork type: CPC & CPM

Tribal fusion- It is best CPM adnetwork, cover world wide traffic Requirement

Yllix-  yllix is a ad network paying good cpm with high & low traffic requirement  Adf is a trusted ad network paying good cpm with high & low traffic requirement for all countries

Komli-  komli is leading Indian ad network paying good cpm with high traffic requirement

Tyroo- Tyroo is funded by yahoo and it is growing fast in India

Ozone media- It is another good alternative for adsense, it is banglore  based leading adnetwork

Adsbyindian- Truly india ad network with low payout. CPC & CPM Adnetwork

Adchakra- Adchakra provides targetted branded advertise. CPM & CPC

Admagnet- one of the leading adnetwork of India.

Smowtion - Good internationl CPM adnework, no traffic requirements, should have resonable posts