Change Desktop Icon Size in Vista

Maybe this how to tips and tricks is just little tricks for common user of Window Vista. But it is not for new user of Window Vista like I used to.

Window Vista give a big of default desktop icon size. It's mean that if We install more software, tools or game with desktop icon it will take more and more.. a lot of space at our Window Vista background.

It will became more problem for Somebody that very like to install new software at their PC. Of course with to much big desktop icon, our computer background or wallpaper became looks very dirty and to much waste I mean. Even actualy that icon are not a waste but important software for us. How about our favorite wallpaper? Of course it will become difficult to see.

Just looks this my Window Vista desktop background before, below!

Actually Window Vista diferent than Window XP. Window Vista completed with simple way to change desktop icon size. The formula is:


Just Pressing your Ctrl button and scroll your mouse up or down, and chose the icon size according your wish.
So simple isn't it?

And here we go, my lovely PC has simple, clean and elegant desktop icon.
So good looking for me!

It will be better if you also change space between one icon to each other in order to make them more rapid.
And looks.. The desktop Wallpaper also display very well. I like it looks very much!