Unhide Folders (Show Missing Folders Option)

"One day when I will open my private file that already I change to hidden file, I was shock. Because when I open folder option, I didn't find folder option button on Window Explorer. Of course this is become problem, because how can I open my file, if I can to show up my hidden file through folder option? My Folder options is missing!"

Folder option missing usually cause by virus. One of it is by virus Brontox. Everyday virus became more sophisticated. So don't forget to upgrade your Antivirus regularly. This virus attack Folder Options and hide it. So We can't open file that already We hide.

Actually or Fortunately this Folder Options isn't really missing. It's only hide by Virus. So We just have to show up again by one of steps bellow!


This is the easiest step. Try to scan your computer by your Antivirus, than restart the computer. This usually works but sometimes not. As long as I know Pcmav, Ansav and Smadav Antivirus work well in this case. How about your Antivirus?

If doesn't work, don't worry it's not the end of world, just follow the second tricks!


Open "Run" menu.
Start --->Run
Then type "GPEDIT.MSC" to open Group Policy Window, see the picture bellow!

Now we already open Group Policy Window. than click:

User Configuration ----> Administrative Templates ----> Window Components ---->Windows Explorer ----> Removes the Folder Options menu item....

see the picture below!

Have you find thats item? just click it and will show window like picture below:

Check menu "Disabled" than "Apply" to make your Folder Options came back. Restart computer if there is no direct effect!


Last tricks is using Registry Editor.
Open "Run"
Start ----> Run
Then type "REGEDIT" like picture below:

After Registry Editor Window show up, click the item below:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER ----> Software ---> Microsoft ---->
Window -----> Current Version ----> Policies ----> Explorer

Find item " NoFolderOptions" set the value to 0 (zero)

If you don't find that item, just make it your self, by

Right click mouse on empty area ----> New ---> DWORD Value
then just type it like picture above!
Restart the computer

How? Is it works?? Congratulations You get your Folder Options again!