How to Create YahooMail or Ymail Account

Aside from being a search engine, Yahoo also provides email services that can be used free of charge. Even Yahoo email is one of the many email users around the world. Where the word endings for an email from Yahoo can be seen from the suffix of the email said, and The three kinds of suffix emails from Yahoo was the same. Perhaps the naming is intended to provide the opportunity for Internet users to more freely choose Yahoo email name with three diferrent suffix name.

To make the email is actually quite easy, namely through a yahoo address search engines, Go to the yahoo page, then you can find menu Yahoo sites in the upper left of the page. click and enter mail menu.

After that a new page will appear to sign into the Yahoo account. But because you do not have a Yahoo account, then you must make it first, through the "Create New Account" button, which is usually located on the top or at the bottom, as shown in the picture below.

After that you will find a page that asks you to input your data to make Yahoo email. Fill in the requested columns in accordance with your data.

After you complete these data, then click the "Create My Account" located on the bottom of the page. Here are some important notes you should consider in filling your data:
  • For date of birth, Yahoo only allow adults. So Yahoo may reject the making of this email if the perceived age of the person is less.
  • At the time of filling secret question, give a plausible answer. If not, Yahoo will also deny your account setup.
  • There are three choices of suffix, choose one that is available and you like. For example, if you like to wear name but not available, you can try with another suffix, such
  • Fill in the captcha code correctly. If not successful try again.
If you have successfully created your Yahoo email, then the welcome page will appear. As the picture below.

Continue with the next step, by clicking the button "Continue", to get into your Yahoo email which is already finished.

There are so many functions that your Yahoo email account is. Among them are can be used to log in in Yahoo messenger and register on the Yahoo group. If you've finished do not forget to log out. Good luck.