Register Domains or Buy Hosting with Unverified Paypal Account(website)

Register Domains or Buy Hosting with Unverified Paypal Account
        There are several countries where there is no affiliation of PayPal with Banks (like in Pakistan) so, People can not verify their PayPal accounts. As there are a few websites which accepts unverified paypal accounts, people with unverified PayPal just ignore paypal services. Its true that Unverified paypal has several limitations such as usage of $500 per year or no withdrawal of balance etc. But here is a good news for people having Unverified PayPal Accounts.

      Now You can Purchase Website Hosting Accounts with Unverified PayPal, you can also register Domain names using Your Unverified paypal account. You can buy domains or hosting from the same website using your Unverified PayPal Account. visit:

          You can also purchase a premium account with unverified paypal account. You can also purchase or shop online with unverified paypal account at by asking seller to send you invoice in your (unverified) paypal rather than paying directly through eBay (direct payment through eBay requires verified paypal account). So, there are many other tricks to get benefits from your Unverified PayPal account, All you have to have is a Tricky Mind and little research.