Increase Search Engine Rankings

We discussed several ways to increase blog or website traffic such as post comments get traffic method, free youtube traffic method, Free Traffic from bookmarking sites method etc. A common and extremely popular way to increase site traffic is to build a link wheel. Link wheels give your site a higher search engine ranking and more visitors. Using the link wheel includes writing articles and using social networking websites to link each other and provide content based on your topic. You must build a link wheel for each keyword you wish to target or multiple keywords that are related. You can build the link wheel on properties that are free such as squidoo, hubpages and blogger.

What is a link wheel?

A link wheel is a set of popular online properties linked together in such a way so as to optimize the impact on the rankings of the main website. None of your online properties should have two way links. All back links must include the keyword you are targeting.

Reasons for building a link wheel

The two reasons why you should build a link wheel for your website are:

To increase your rankings: Building a link wheel will help you to increase the ranking of your website since you will have some strong links directing to your site. For this purpose you must make sure that the anchor links include the keywords you want to target.

To increase traffic: The places where you build your links have many daily visitors. If you are an active member of these communities you can direct traffic to your own websites from the content that you upload and share.

How to use Link wheels to increase search engine rankings

The first step in this regard would be to get good back links. This is called as search engine optimization or off page SEO. The quality of your back links is more important than the quantity. You can develop your own personal link wheel that you have control over and then build free back links to your website, thus increasing the rankings of your page. The sites used for this process are Squidoo, HubPages, blogger and WordPress, and many others. You can create a link wheel for each post on your blog or for each targeted keyword but remember to post unique and original content on these web 2.0 sites.

The most important thing when using this method is to build back links to your web 2.0 sites. As a result, page rankings of each property will increase and greatly benefit your main website.