How to Access - Hosting Account cPanel Quickly?(Websites)

2 Method to Access your Hosting Account cPanel Quickly?

Webmasters access their Hosting Cpanel (Control Panel) daily for managing and uploading files and contents of their websites/blogs. Hosting Provides gives you a particular login address with port number and your domain which looks like where “domainname” is the Name of your Domain and 2085 is the number of Port.

User name
Your User name

But there are two more methods to login in your Hosting Account Control Panel easily and quickly.

Method 1
v       You can enter in to your hosting account panel by navigating to where “domainname” is the name of your website domain. A Window box will appear asking you the Login Details. Just Enter username and password and access your account.
Method 2
v       This method is little difficult but yet an other method. You need to navigate to
User name = your user name
Password = your password
Your domain = your domain name

       Don’t forget to type ftp instead of http and also use colon (:) and @ sign. Method 2 will take directly to your public_html folder which is your parent root.