Common Seo Mistakes to Avoid - Blogging Tips

There are several ways to make a free blog in few minutes but the real thing to BLOG Successfully having high ranks in search engines where most of the blogs are fail. As a blogger or a webmaster, you will need to optimize your website for search engines. There are several ways to get traffic/visitors to your website/blog BUT SEO on your website is the best way to obtain a large amount of visitors to your site quickly. Use good SEO and avoid bad SEO practices. Below are a few common seo mistakes to avoid:

1. Overlooking the search engine guidelines

Read the search engine guidelines carefully. Avoid using any SEO practices that are fraudulent otherwise you will be punished by the search engine and your website's ranking will also be affected.

2. Choosing wrong keywords

Selection of keywords involves lots of money and time. All the effort will go down the drain if you focus on the wrong keywords. Carefully study what keywords and key phrases your target market is using to find what you have to offer, and then optimise accordingly.

3. Having no textual content

If your website does not have enough text, the search engines will never find out what you represent and what product or service you intend to sell.

4. Having wrong content

It is better to have no content rather than wrong content because your bad content will give all the bad information to the search engines. By selecting the wrong keywords you can easily generate wrong content.

5. Choosing the wrong target market

Predetermine to whom you want to sell. With wrong target market you’ll be choosing the wrong keywords and misplaced search engine campaigns.

6. Using unnecessary graphics and animations

Graphics and animations look nice but only in some places. Unnecessary graphics and animations fill your pages and push your real textual content downwards. Readers are more interested in looking for the text content rather than graphics.

7. Less usage of ALT tags

Alt tags were created to describe an image that is not accessible because of the poor internet connections. Although web connections have greatly improved today, it is still helpful to use ALT tags in your images because it will increase your SEO result.

8. Unnecessary use of keywords

It is a common misconception that the more keywords your pages will have, the better is the chance of getting ranked higher. Excessive use of keywords can not only get your website blacklisted on various search engines, but search engine robots will decrease your page ranking if they considered your page is filled up with an over-abundance of keywords. Use keywords in the beginning, within your title and other header tags.

9. Stealing others content for your website

Plagiarizing content from other websites is not acceptable. Search engine robots are smart enough to distinguish which is original content and which is a duplicate one.

10. Imbalance between graphics and HTML text

An effective website is the one which strikes a perfect balance between HTML formatted text and graphic images. Extreme use of any of these two elements is not good.