15 Tips for Increasing Blog Comments

Now internet is having more blogs than websites as having blogs and share tips have become a trend now a days. There are several newbies which start their blogs, share their tips BUT because of no-feedback or no-comments, their loss interest in blogging and then they say blogging sucks. You can get comments and feedback of your visitors on your blog by following 15 useful tips for increasing comments on your blog posts easily.

1. Invite Comments: When you ask your readers to leave a comment, you will get more comments as compared to when you do not ask them.

2. Ask Questions: Try to ask a question at the end of your blog post like “Do you agree with it?”, “Do you think it should work?”, “What do you think?” etc.

3. Be Open Ended: Write open ended posts that leave room for your readers to be expressive also.

4. Interact with comments: If someone leaves a comment interact with them. This is easy in the beginning but it gets harder as your blog grows. Interacting will create the impression to readers that their comments are valued.

5. Tit for Tat: It is mutually beneficial for two people that if someone has commented on your blog than you should also comment on his blog too.

6. Be humble and gracious: People are attracted to humility and are more responsive to posts written in a humble tone. If there are spelling or grammar errors, be gracious enough to accept it.

8. Ask for opinion poll: Another way to increase blog comments is by adding a poll. This encourages the user to write a comment because most reader tends to tell the author why they have choose a particular option in the poll.

9. Reward Comments: There are many ways of acknowledging good comments. They may include a ‘good comment’ remark or by giving free goodies.

10. Learn to take in negative comments: Everyone will not like your post since every one has different tastes and opinions.

11. Never abuse or humiliate your visitors: Consider yourself as a Call center worker who can’t even use harsh tone while talking to their customer no matter what the situation is.

12. Controversial posts: Write controversial posts and get lots of comments.

13. Acknowledge commentators: Acknowledge commentators by sending a Thank You to you them.

14. Facebook Connect: Give options to your readers to comment on your blog using their Facebook account id.

15. Write Tutorials: Writing tutorial and unique articles is the best way to get comments.