SEO For Images – Get TOP Ranks in Google Images

SEO For Images – Get TOP Ranks in Google Images
Today, There are thousands of blogs having a healthy percentage of their blog traffic from Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, BING etc. Normally, Traffic is gained against Posts but if we optimize images used in a Post, we can have More traffic from Google images by having a TOP Rank in Google Images. All You have to do is to Optimize Images at Best Level to Have a Higher Position in Google Images for related keywords.

Google ImagesNormally, we forget to add many tags while showing a picture in our posts. All you have to do is to place proper tags while displaying images because search engines read these tags and consider this important factor of Search Engine Optimization for Images.

Images Names:

Images Names are one of the most important thing you need to do for Optimizing Images for Google Images and other Image Search Engines. Normally when you capture a picture using your mobile or Digital camera, the picture is stored in memory with an un-related name from actual picture such as DSC1331, DSC1332, DSC1333 etc these names are given automatically by Camera Programes and these names do not tell the information about the picture unless you view that picture. Google detects images for “Google Images” by picking pictures reading names of Images.
So, You need to pick a right name for your Picture used in Blog/website. such as obama-having-tea.jpg rather than DSC1331.jpg
Proper Tags:
Adding Proper Image tags while Placing Images will help you to see your upload images and Pictures in Google image Search Engine. Place Proper Tags also helps Image Crawlers to Index your Images and Pictures in Search Engines easily and Regularly. Below are Important Image Tags
  • alt=”Alternative Text”
  • title=”Image Title”
Images Related to Text:
Relevancy between text and Images is another important factor for SEO for Images. Google easily index your Post or text base article in Search BUT consider several factors to be satisfied for Google Images. Images Used in a Post or Article should be related to that Article. There are some smart bloggers who add celebrity pictures to their Highly ranked Tech blogs but this do not help them to get top ranks for celebrity kewyords as Tech blogs are different from Celebrity pictures.

Use Google Adsense for Image Optimization:
Yes! you can use Google Adsense for Image Optimization. All you need to do is to place a Google Adsense Ad Next to or Near an Image and See What kind of Ads Google Adsense display. You may be see related or un-related ads to your Post BUT this will help you to know that What Google Adsense Bots are considering about your Posted Image File.