Make Your Website to Load Faster(blogger)

How to Make Your Website to Load Faster

       When a website loads slower, it irritates the website users BUT here is a way for webmasters to make their website to load faster or even reduce their website’s bandwidth. Page Speed, is a firefox add-on which is used to evaluate the performance of web pages. Not only evaluation but Page speed gives you suggestions to improve the speed of your web pages. Following are the features provided in Page speed.
  • Make Your Website to Load faster than before
  • Reduce Your Website’s Bandwidth
  • Keep Users Engaged With Your website.

Actually, this plugin performs various actions with the configuration of server and with front-end code. Page speed also performs various set of best practices known to enhance web page performance. When a Webmaster run Page speed on their Website pages, he gets set of scores for all pages and suggestions on how to improve the performance of a web page.