Google Error 404 Blogger Custom Domains

Blogger is ranked in Top 10 websites of the world by Alexa and the reason for such ranking is user-friendly interface and easy to use features. We can easily can create a free blog with blogger within few clicks. There are thousands of blogger templates and several blogger tips which help us to make a blog look beautiful. We can personalize our blog by removing from free given blog address. We can assign a paid domain to our blog which is called blogger custom domain. Blogger allows you to add a custom domain for free, however wordpress charges a fee for assigning a custom domain. You should blogger and wordpress comparison
chart. While assigning custom domain to blogspot blogs, several bloggers stuck at an error which looks like:

This is called, Google Error 404 Page. It happens due to unknown reason however you can fix this by following below given instructions:


  1. Sign in Your Blogger Account
  2. Go to Settings > Publishing and click on Switch to:
  3. After going back to URL, assign your custom domain again.
  4. Thats it ! now you will not have this error.
If above tip does not work for you, let me know via comments.